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Webinar - Meet the expert - Managing stress and inflammation during anesthesia

Can controlling surgical stress and inflammation improve outcomes? What are the pitfalls and successfactors and what are the best go-to approaches? Those questions will be answered by our experts speakers during this session.

Our speakers

Jan Paul J Mulier MD PhD
Subject: "Should we block stress and inflammation during anesthesia"
"Should we block stress and inflammation during anesthesia"
Managing perioperative stress is an unresolved issue in many surgical settings. The go-to approach has all too often been administering high dosages of opioids to suppress this stress. This course of action mostly proves to be ineffective as Kehlet stated already in 1992. Today it is possible to measure perioperative stress and inflammation and adjust our opioid administration accordingly or even better use other more effective drugs. How we can perform these measurements and how to use the findings will be addressed during this session allowing to give anesthesia without opioids intra operative and improve outcome.


Ignacio Gonzalez: Chief Medical Officer Mdoloris Medical Systems
Subject: "HRV as a measure for the autonomous nervous system"

Using Heart Rate Variability as a way to measure the autonomous nervous system allows us to accurately monitor the patient's condition during anesthesia and thus adapt our approach. During this session we will go over the different utilities of HRV in medicine practice.


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What can you expect during the webinar? 

19h00: Welcome + Intro
19h05: Dr. 
Jan Paul J Mulier MD PhD
19h50: Ignacio Gonzalez
20h10: Pannel discussion - Q&A
20h20: Closing

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